Where on Google Earth #336

I was able to find the last WoGE by Felix Bossert rather quickly. (I explained why in the comments there.) For a description what WoGE is, see below the fold. Previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file.

Now I may come up with a new puzzle. Again I try to offer something easier, to give newcomers a chance.

Where on Google Earth #336

Where on Google Earth #336. Click to embiggen.

For any new players to Where on (Google) Earth, simply post a comment with latitude and longitude and write something about the (geologic) feature in the picture; in this case especially the proces that formed these nice curved linear features. If you win, you get to host the next one.

Because this WoGE should be rather easy, I invoke Schott's Rule: former winners have to wait until posting for 1 hour for each WoGE they got right. I will post some hints if there is no answer after some time.

Posted on 18 March, 16:00 CET (15:00 UTC).

Have fun and good luck!

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  1. fj 232 ⟨ 19 Mar 2012, 11:12 AM | #  ⟩

    Please note that there's no compass shown – north is not necessarily up…

  2. Peter Luffi 13 ⟨ 20 Mar 2012, 06:44 PM | #  ⟩

    OK, being labeled explicitly, this is an embarrassingly easy one - perhaps that's why nobody picked it yet 🙂 Since I haven't got any win for ages, here I go:

    54.459N 12.507E: This is the Darss-Zingst peninsula in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, northern Germany, at the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. The southern Baltic Sea coast is shaped by post-glacial sea level rise, land uplift/subsidence, erosion, and transport and accumulation of sediment, forming sandy spits (like this one, called Darss and lagoons ("Boddens" or "Haffs" in German, just south of this view). The present day shape and sedimentary architecture of the forest-dominated Darss-Zingst peninsula are imposed by dominantly west to east longshore sediment transport processes that followed the early Holocene Littorina transgression.

  3. fj 232 ⟨ 20 Mar 2012, 10:03 PM | #  ⟩

    Congratulations, Péter, and welcome back to the game!

    How very embarrassing that I missed the „,Geobasis-DE/BKG“ information. Perhaps I should have blurred it until the puzzle was solved.

    Sand is eroded and transported at the western coast of the Darß (left in the picture) towards the northern tip, called Darßer Ort (in the top right corner of picture; don't ask me what „das Ort“ means vs. the normal „der Ort“…), behind which it is deposited . (You can see the spit of sand growing out into the water.) Thus beach ridges / dunes (called „Reffe“) and “valleys” („Riegen“) between them are formed. These are visible as curved, linear features in the central part of the picture. At the western end of the valleys there are several small lakes that are slowly transforming to fens by growing full.

    The triangular area from the centre of the scale bar to the copyright notices up to the ≈straight line is the “cliff” of the pleistocene island core (Altdarß); the northern part of the island is from the Holocene.

  4. Felix Bossert 17 ⟨ 20 Mar 2012, 10:52 PM | #  ⟩

    Unfortunately that's a problem of our game. If you have a location in France, Germany, Texas and some other countries, the Copyright informations are quite revealing. I would not remove the copyright informations:


    The only thing you can do is to reduce the scale to maybe 1000m, in order to make the game a little bit more difficult, if you have a revealing copyright information.

    Florian: very nice location! I found some of these structures all over the world as potential Woge-location, but I've never found out, what formed these structures.

  5. fj 232 ⟨ 21 Mar 2012, 12:28 AM | #  ⟩

    In the past, there were WoGEs with blurred copyright notices until someone had solved them. Then the text was restored. I would have done it the same way, had I realised that they were so revealing.

  6. Peter Luffi 13 ⟨ 21 Mar 2012, 03:54 AM | #  ⟩

    WoGE#337 is now ready for inspection. Enjoy the quest!

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