Glacial deposits – lost in translation

I'm about to write some posts about maps I rather often use and realised that I'm not always quite sure about translations for various glaciation-related terms. (Pleistocene glacial sediments make up most of the geology in Brandenburg.)

Most information I have found on the net focuses on valley glaciers and their landforms, less on the sediments left by the Pleistocene glaciations. So I'd like to collect some terms about those deposits and ask the native speakers (or those how know the language better than me) to offer corrections and comments. Thanks!

German English Remarks
glazifluvial (glaziofluvial), glazifluviatil (glaziofluviatil), fluvioglazial glaciofluvial, fluvioglacial Which one is the preferred form in English? And I'm still wondering why there are so many variant spellings in German…
glaziliminisch (glazilakustrin, glaziolakustrin) glaciolacustrine (limnoglacial, glaciolimnic) It seems that that glazilimnisch is more usual in German, whereas in English, glaciolacustrine is preferred. Am I right?
Grundmoräne Ground moraine, ground-moraine, or groundmoraine? Not sure about the spelling; “ground moraine” seems to most common. I've also seen “basal moraine”.
Urstromtal Ice-marginal valley LEO has “glacial valley” – but isn't that a valley that has been carved out by a glacier (“U-valley”)? One of my dictionary suggested the rather unusual (Polish) “pradolina”.
Vorschütt…, e.g. Vorschüttsande
Nachschütt…, e.g. Nachschüttsande
Advance sediments, e.g. advance outwash sands? Pre-glaciation deposits?
Recessional deposits, e.g. recessional outwash sands? Post-glaciation deposits?
I've seen “frontal apron” at Geoversum's dictionary, which is wrong IMHO: the apron is in front of the glacier, whereas „Vorschüttsedimente“ were deposited before the glacier arrived. „Vorschütt“ and „Nachschütt“ thus denote the stratigraphic relationship to a ground moraine.
I've found some documents on the web that mention “advance / recessional deposits”.
Glaziale Serie (after Penck) Glacial series, glacial sequence?? Described e.g. in the German Wikipedia article, sadly without a link to an English version. The „glaziale Serie“ is the specific arrangement of geomorphological features produced by a stable ice-margin: ground moraine, end moraine, outwash plain, ice-marginal valley.

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  1. Gunnar Ries 9 ⟨ 20 May 2009, 12:55 AM | #  ⟩ hat für Urstromtal auch nur glacial valley.

  2. fj 232 ⟨ 22 May 2009, 11:59 AM | #  ⟩

    My Langescheidt dictionary also translates „Urstromtal“ as “glacial valley”. On the other hand, both Encyclopaedia Britannica and Wikipedia define glacial valley as a valley formed by a glacier (i.e. U-shaped).

    In the meantime, I have also stumbled across proglacial (stream) valley.

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