The blog’s alive again

Nothing much has happened here for quite some time – sometimes due to lack of time, sometimes due to lack of stuff to write about. But in mid-September, my provider disconnected my blog because of a DDos attack, which started to impacted their server.

I was travelling at that time, and so it took a while until I could look into this. I first installed the few available updates, but soon after the site was down again. It seems I’ve become a victim of a “Pingback attack” (explanation by Sicuri, the company that first detected that kind of attack). It’s not a “real” bug, but a ordinary and correctly working feature is terribly misused. The first wave went around in March, but back then I didn’t read about it.

Now I’ve set WordPress to ignore Pingbacks, which is a bit sad, but I didn’t get that many links to my blog anyway… I observed the situation for some time, and now everything seems to be back to normal. I should be able to blog again – which I also try to do now. Last week, for example, there was the Cottbus Film Festival where I’ve seen some quite good (and some rather bad) movies.

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