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Happy Easter

Happy New Year!

The blog’s alive again

Nothing much has happened here for quite some time – sometimes due to lack of time, sometimes due to lack of stuff to write about. But in mid-September, my provider disconnected my blog because of a DDos attack, which started to impacted their server.

Merry Christmas

Wanenkopf Weihnachten 2012

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and lots of gifts!

Snow – quite early this year

Erster Schnee 2012 in Cottbus.

Just a few days ago, weather was nice; and even yesterday it was only slightly cool (I was still wearing short trousers). And then, this morning, there's snow. This time of year, in Cottbus. Rather surprising. It snowed at least till noon, and slowly changed to rain. This is our garden in the morning: The […]

Happy new year!

I wish everyone who is still reading my blog after the long stretch of silence a happy new year!

Happy new year!

Silvester 2010, Großer Herrenberg (Obermaiselstein)

Dear readers (all two of you ;-)), I wish you a happy new year. Hopefully it won't be as foggy as this New Years Eve in Obermaiselstein and also not as messy as this long-exposure experiment with falling camera Soon I'll post something geological, I promise.

Happy new year!

I wish all my readers a happy new year!

Language Switch / Sprachschalter

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Little extra for the blog: article recommendations

My geological data collection on the Nachterstedt landslide received some response, at least in the German-speaking part of the net. (Thanks to Gunnar and Lutz!) Also, I find my articles quite close to the top of Google searches on “Geologie Nachterstedt” (German) and “geology Nachterstedt”. The high rank in the English search is a bit […]

Very nice.


Slightly disconcerting anniversary

The day before yesterday it has been 12 years since I've come to Cottbus. That means that I'm here for more than a third of my life. Back then, I definitly wouldn't have expected this.