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Historic maps of Brandenburg

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Just recently, the Landes­vermessung und Geobasis­information Branden­burg (LGB) published the Branden­burg parts of the historic survey by Schmettau. The maps were produced between 1767 and 1787 at a scale of 1:50000. As an example, this is Cottbus and surroundings (link takes you to the Brandenburg-Viewer):

High heels for better science

I have read about this, but hadn't watched it yet. I'd better left it at that – this video is really as bad as people say. 🙁 At least the role of the man is limited to passively ogling women…

(Deutsch) Neuer HRK-Präsident zur Hochschul- und Forschungsfinanzierung

Prof. Horst Hippler (Foto: KIT/Harry Marx)

Honorary salary

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Now, Mr Wulff, the just-in-time retired Federal President, has been granted the honorary salary (“Ehrensold”, currently 199000€ ≈ $265000 plus office and a car with driver). How very fitting that this is decided by the Office of the Federal President, the head of which has been appointed by Wulff himself. (Sorry, the newspaper articles are […]

EnergyMap: an interactive map and database on renewable energy in Germany

Logo des EnergyMap-Projekts

The EnergyMap project of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V. (German Society for Solar Energy) presents the data that is collected as a requirement of the Renewable Energy Act. Sadly, the site is in German only. I'll give some pointers and translations to the interesting areas. The energy map (Energiekarte) shows the distribution of various […]

Is research at the BTU Cottbus really that bad?

Given the current financial situation: no. 😉 This post in German is about recent discussions on the two universities in the Cottbus area, and their possible merger. Media frequently say the BTU's research performance is abysmal, which is has a grain of salt to it, but is mainly an exaggerated, out-of-context opinon of a recent […]

Geologist(s) and engineers in the German Parliament (Bundestag)

Christian Reinboth on Frischer Wind has collected data on the profession and educational background of the members of the German Parliament (Bundestag) and presents some statistical evaluation (sorry, German only). That's just an overview for now, and he's asking his readers what else could be extracted from the data base. There are some interesting results […]

Central Intelligence and Media Centre?

Skulptur „Kryptos“ (CIA Headquaters, Langley, VA). Quelle: Jim Gillogly

Recently, I browsed the archive of Mathlog and found a nice article about the still not completely solved cryptographic puzzle sculpture “Kryptos” (sorry, German only; you may find more info on Wikipedia).

In Parliament: Sigmar Gabriel about the minister of defence

In this whole gruesome affair about our beloved impostor, opposition leader Sigmar Gabriel made a interesting observation in his speech about the impending army reform (at 11'50" in this YouTube video; German of course): There was no call to order by the president [of the Bundestag], not even all too loud uproar or protest on […]