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Food carrier put to proper use

Finally, since almost forever, I can use my food carrier quite as intended My first try at two of my favorite cookies don't taste bad, but not as well as Mum's Original™. I was struggling a bit with the gas stove which tends to easily burn the cookies. Of ourse, I cannot keep up with […]

The steam-powered permeameter

The La Pavoni Europiccola steam-powered permeameter.

Evelyn at Georneys is hosting this month’s Accretionary Wedge about seeing geology everywhere. As an example, she showed cute cats exposed to hideous tectonic arrangements. But where I live, tectonics are rather dull, limited to what happens when you remove several hundred to thousand metres of ice from the continent. Because I neither have a […]

Stuffed veal breast

Gefüllte Kalbsbrust und Beilagen

No translation (yet), but delicious pictures:

Socialistic food

Woflgang Polte: Unser Haushalt. Verlag für die Frau, Leipzig, 1971. Tafel 53.

Considering such exuberant culinary delights, I could understand that some people want the GDR back. 😉