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Merry Christmas

Wanenkopf Weihnachten 2012

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and lots of gifts!

Happy new year!

I wish everyone who is still reading my blog after the long stretch of silence a happy new year!

Happy new year!

Silvester 2010, Großer Herrenberg (Obermaiselstein)

Dear readers (all two of you ;-)), I wish you a happy new year. Hopefully it won't be as foggy as this New Years Eve in Obermaiselstein and also not as messy as this long-exposure experiment with falling camera Soon I'll post something geological, I promise.

Survey design

I've bought a “Bavaria Ticket Single” online. Afterwards, I was asked to take part in a little survey. Having time and being in a friendly mood, I agreed. But then, this rather weird questions pops up: Translation: Are you traveling with the Bavaria Ticket Single alone or with several people? alone group of two group […]

Visited countries meme

Again, I'm a bit late to the party: there's a meme going around about which countries of the world (and states of the USA) one has seen. So far,  NOLÖGIC, Looking for Detachment, Ethical Palaeontologist, Clastic Detritus, Highly Allochthonous, ReBecca's Blog, Hypo-theses, Geo­Christian, Mountain Cat Geology and Lost Geologist have posted their maps in English, and GeoBerg and Amphibol […]

Cattle like hydrogeology too

Brian's Friday Field Foto clearly shows sheep's interest in Paleogene geology. Some years ago I learned that cattle (at least in Northern Thailand) are also quite curious about the earth sciences – hydrogeology in this case.