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Again, I'm a bit late to the party: there's a meme going around about which countries of the world (and states of the USA) one has seen. So far,  NOLÖGIC, Looking for DetachmentEthical Palaeontologist, Clastic DetritusHighly AllochthonousReBecca's BlogHypo-theses, Geo­Christian, Mountain Cat Geology and Lost Geologist have posted their maps in English, and GeoBerg and Amphibol in German.

ETA (2009-01-14): TwoThree more: Through the Sandglass, NOVA Geoblog and In Terra Veritas.

Counting everywhere I've been so far, I got 21 countries (9.33% of all countries of the world). This surprised me a bit; I didn't think it would be that much. However, I never managed to cross the equator.

All countries I've visited: 21 (9.33%) .

All countries I've visited: 21 (9.33%) .

Chris of Highly Allochtonous points out that “the more interesting question is how many of the countries above I can say that I've visited geologically, in that I've actually seen and thought about the rocks”. For me, then, the picture looks a quite bleak, even if I am considering not only geology proper, but other geoscientific fields:

Countries where I have spent at least some time with a geoscientific perspective: 8 (3.55%).

Countries where I have spent at least some time with a geo­scientific perspective: 8 (3.55%).

I won't present the US map – it's abysmal (3 states, if I recall correctly).

You can make your own maps on Douwe Osinga's site.

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  1. Lost Geologist 30 ⟨ 12 Jan 2009, 11:16 PM | #  ⟩

    Also unter geoligischer Betrachtungsweise hast du mehr gesehen als ich; da komme ich maximal auf 5 Länder.

  2. fj 232 ⟨ 14 Jan 2009, 09:41 PM | #  ⟩

    Nun ja, „geologische Betrachtungsweise“ hab ich relativ locker gefasst: wo ich mit Gedanken an Geologie, Umweltprobleme usw. durch die Landschaft gegangen bin.

    Ernsthaft (hydro-)geologisch gearbeitet hab ich in Deutschland und Thailand.

    China und Ukraine waren bodenkundliche bzw. geologische Exkursionen.

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