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High heels for better science

I have read about this, but hadn't watched it yet. I'd better left it at that – this video is really as bad as people say. 🙁 At least the role of the man is limited to passively ogling women…

The Kunst of Change

The magazine Forschung&Lehre (Research&Teaching) of the Deutscher Hochschulverband (German Association of University Professors and Lecturers) published a short interview with Prof. Kunst, who wasn't minister of research and science back then, in its colum „Zu Ende gedacht“ (Thought through to the end) on 8 August 2010. It contains these two gems: If I were minister […]

Igneous cats!

Igneous cats.

I've seen this ages ago and finally found it again: the igneous cats, from mafic to felsic:

Central Intelligence and Media Centre?

Skulptur „Kryptos“ (CIA Headquaters, Langley, VA). Quelle: Jim Gillogly

Recently, I browsed the archive of Mathlog and found a nice article about the still not completely solved cryptographic puzzle sculpture “Kryptos” (sorry, German only; you may find more info on Wikipedia).

Socialistic food

Woflgang Polte: Unser Haushalt. Verlag für die Frau, Leipzig, 1971. Tafel 53.

Considering such exuberant culinary delights, I could understand that some people want the GDR back. 😉

Survey design

I've bought a “Bavaria Ticket Single” online. Afterwards, I was asked to take part in a little survey. Having time and being in a friendly mood, I agreed. But then, this rather weird questions pops up: Translation: Are you traveling with the Bavaria Ticket Single alone or with several people? alone group of two group […]

Touch bragging

Yeah, I feel fast now: 74 words Typing Speed Test And, opposed to German, I even didn't mistype anything; but I'm slower in English. Still, I rank 17535 of 252337, with 393 characters per minute. Oh, sometimes the internet is full of pointless things. 😉

POTD: better than an advent calendar

Unlike an advent calendar, this one is for the whole year. And it doesn't cause weight gain, because there's no chocolate in it, but (mostly) ravenous parasites: Parasite of the Day

Modern art quiz

I've stumbled across this nice piece of modern, abstract art: A purple woman with violet hair, holding a large fish in front of her body? Offer your explanations and interpretations!