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Mono and solo!

Because I couldn’t see (and, mainly, hear!) Mono live in Dresden last December, I’m even happier about this nice piece: Mono – “The Last Dawn / Rays Of Darkness Tour” Photo-Book + 2×CD.


It’s been a long time since I listened to Mogwai’s “Come on die young”. But still, it’s an amazing experience. Some albums just don’t get old. I’ve just bought the deluxe edition (Shame on me, up to now I only had a copy a friend made for me.) and am quite curious about what’s on […]

Time-lapse Allgäu

Amazing Mountains (Jonathan Besler), Titel

Great time-lapse film by Jonathan Besler, from quite close to where I grew up in the Allgäu (southwest Bavaria, Germany):

Deep waters

NASA Perpetual Ocean

From time to time, xkcd has quite nice and scientific illustrations; recently, for example, a to-scale and non-logarithmic represenation of lake, ocean, and borehole depths:

In Parliament: Sigmar Gabriel about the minister of defence

In this whole gruesome affair about our beloved impostor, opposition leader Sigmar Gabriel made a interesting observation in his speech about the impending army reform (at 11'50" in this YouTube video; German of course): There was no call to order by the president [of the Bundestag], not even all too loud uproar or protest on […]

Blue Light

Blue light all around Cottbus – the Film Festival takes place next week!

“Modern art” – hydrogeology

Grundwasserkarte von Bayern 1:25000, Blatt 6532 Nürnberg (1970).

Quite some time ago, I posted a colourful specimen of modern art and asked whether someone could tell what it is. One or two people seemed to like it, but couldn't add anything to my suggestion of the “Purple Woman Holding a Large Fish”. So now the picture in its complete context: