In Parliament: Sigmar Gabriel about the minister of defence

In this whole gruesome affair about our beloved impostor, opposition leader Sigmar Gabriel made a interesting observation in his speech about the impending army reform (at 11'50" in this YouTube video; German of course):

There was no call to order by the president [of the Bundestag], not even all too loud uproar or protest on your side [i.e. the ruling party], when for the first time in the Parliament's history a minister in office has repeatedly been called liar, impostor, and fraudster. […]

You were not really upset and there was no call to order. Mrs Chancellor, what do you think why it was this way? Because everybody in this house knew that these are statements of fact.

Also I found out that the Chancellor used the phrase “no risk, no fun” (in English) when talking to the commanders about the reform. Sweet.

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  1. Feliks_Dzerzhinsky 1 ⟨ 27 Feb 2011, 11:12 PM | #  ⟩

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