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Risk of Stumbling

Schild „Geologische Aufschlüsse Stolpergefahr!“

Evelyn at Georneys is again hosting an Accretionary Wedge, this time about signs that are geologically or geographically interesting. My contribution is not even really mine, because I didn’t take the photo myself. I have come across the picture several years ago somewhere on the net, but forgot to remember where it was or by […]

Now translated: nice fold in southern Bavaria

This is just a pointer to an old post about a nice fold which I finally managed to translate. Follow this link or click on the image to find out more…

Fold at Riedberg Pass in the Allgäu, south Bavaria

At the Riedberg Pass road near Obermaiselstein in the Allgäu (South Bavaria, Germany), a recumbent fold in the Flysch is not only nicely exposed, but also easily accesible – right at the roadside, including a (small and not “offical”) parking space. (A detailed location description is in section “Getting there” below.) Sadly, last summer I […]