A stratigraphic chart for the Palm Pre

Some time ago, I've blogged about my stylesheets (CSS) with the colour codes of the International Stratigraphic Chart (ISC) of 2009. For some months now, I own a Palm Pre smartphone (which I am quite happy with) and thought that it would be quite handy1) to have this chart on the phone. Of course, you can browse the web to look up stratigraphic units, but stand-alone apps are often nicer and quicker to work with, and independent of reception quality.

Because I already had als HTML and colour codes of the ISC already on my computer, it wasn't such a big deal to plug together a simple WebOS application2. Until then, I had no experience in developing for smartphones, and therefore cannot compare to other SDKs, but programming for WebOS was quite comfortable.

Perhaps the intersection set of the people interested in geology and WebOS users is greater than one, so I'm releasing the app to the big world out there. I hope to get it included in Homebrew as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can get it here:

Stratigraphy v0.1.8 (Install with WebOS QuickInstall oor Internalz.) – Update 02.02.11

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

And if someone could design a decent icon, please don't hesitate. 😉

  1. Bad bilingual pun not intended. ;- []
  2. Basically, it just consists of that HTML page in a WebView Widget… []

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