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Referendum on the disclosure of the contracts for the privatisation of the Berlin Water Supply

Today was the referendum for disclosing the contracts for the partial privatisation of the Berliner Wasserbetriebe (Berlin Water Supply, 49.9% of which belong to the companies Veolia and RWE), which was initiated by the organisation “Berliner Wassertisch”. It has been accepted according to the preliminary results (German page of the election supervisor). Living in Cottbus, […]

“Modern art” – hydrogeology

Grundwasserkarte von Bayern 1:25000, Blatt 6532 Nürnberg (1970).

Quite some time ago, I posted a colourful specimen of modern art and asked whether someone could tell what it is. One or two people seemed to like it, but couldn't add anything to my suggestion of the “Purple Woman Holding a Large Fish”. So now the picture in its complete context:

Cattle like hydrogeology too

Brian's Friday Field Foto clearly shows sheep's interest in Paleogene geology. Some years ago I learned that cattle (at least in Northern Thailand) are also quite curious about the earth sciences – hydrogeology in this case.