Geologist(s) and engineers in the German Parliament (Bundestag)

Christian Reinboth on Frischer Wind has collected data on the profession and educational background of the members of the German Parliament (Bundestag) and presents some statistical evaluation (sorry, German only). That's just an overview for now, and he's asking his readers what else could be extracted from the data base.

There are some interesting results when looking at the professions. As expected, law and economic sciences are strongly represented. But then:

The natural sciences are rather under-staffed: eight biologists, seven mathematicians, four physicist, zwo chemists and one geologist are found in the plenum – but also 17 physicians and 27 engineers.

One geologist of 621 MPs, that's really not much. (Who is it, by the way? Which party?) That explains, in my opinion, why there was so little mention about final storage when discussion the extension of the operational period of nuclear power plants… But at least 27 engineers, that's a little bit comforting. Computer scientist have to be content with just three representatives.

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