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Sprache ändern mit den Flaggen oben links.

More details:

I just have made my blog bilingual with the qtranslate plugin. This means that you'll see articles only in one language, depending on your preference. However, right now most articles are available in either English or German only. I'm going to gradually translate the worthwhile posts. If you're interested in a specific article (Have a look at the archives in German, maybe you stumble across an interesting picture.), just tell me in the comments, and I will try to translated it as soon as possible.

Your browser should already be configured to select your preferred language. If you want or have to switch, use the little flags on the top left.

If you read the feed (RSS), use the following links:

There are also feeds for those only interested in geology-related articles:

Should you encounter any problems, please leave a comment here or write me an E-Mail.

So now have fun reading!

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