Where on Google Earth #174

David von Cryology and Co. hat uns mit festem Griff ins Quartär1 gezogen, mit der Klima-Sequenz aus den Sedimenten des Lac du Bouchet. (Mehr dazu in Davids Folgeartikel.)

Hier ist mein neues WoGE. Ich hoffe, daß ich ein paar neue Spieler anlocken (oder die alten wiederbeleben) kann, darum ist es nicht zu schwer.

Where on Google Earth #174. Das Schlüsselwort ist „hole“.

Where on Google Earth #174. Das Schlüsselwort ist „Loch“.

For any new players to Where on (Google) Earth, simply post a comment with latitude and longitude (or a description of the location) and write something about what the features in the picture are, or how they have developed. Also you need to explain how the keyword fits in there. If you win, you get to host the next one.

Because I think that this WoGE is rather easy, I invoke Schott's Rule: former winners have to wait 1 hour for each WoGE they got right.

Posting time is 15:30 CEST (13:30 UTC).

Good luck!

  1. Ja, es ist noch nicht tot, es riecht nur komisch. []

Kommentare (6)

  1. Ron Schott 5 ⟨ 19.09.09, 10:09 | #  ⟩

    WoGE #174 Placemark

    Nikel, Russia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikel - site of a large nickel deposit, mine, and smelter. The hole clue could refer to the mine, the deforested area surrounding the smelter, or the holes that smelter's sulfuric acid air pollutants burn in people's umbrellas.

  2. Peter L 13 ⟨ 20.09.09, 4:16 | #  ⟩

    I guess the hole keyword rather refers to the famous Kola Superdeep Borehole (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kola_Superdeep_Borehole) just in the middle of the view.

  3. Ron Schott 5 ⟨ 20.09.09, 5:14 | #  ⟩

    No doubt that's the correct hole, Peter.

  4. fj 231 ⟨ 20.09.09, 7:13 | #  ⟩

    Perhaps I should have used a less generic keyword. Now Ron has found the location, and Peter has the correct explanation…

    Ron of course gets bonus points for the umbrella holes. 😉

    Well, now who shall post the next WoGE? Ron was first, and had a nice explanation. (And he certainly can't be blamed for my vague keyword.) So I suggest Ron will host the next one.

    Alternatively, Peter could choose a new keyword and Ron has to find a suitable location. 😉

  5. Ron Schott 5 ⟨ 17.10.09, 2:13 | #  ⟩

    WoGE #175 is up: http://ron.outcrop.org/blog/?p=401

  6. fj 231 ⟨ 18.10.09, 11:05 | #  ⟩

    Thanks Ron for the new WoGE!

    By the way: Anybody who owns a blog, please don't forget to take this year's GeoBlog Survey and link to it!

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