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Stratigraphy stylesheet

When preparing my post on the human arm as a geological timescale I looked up the colours for my table from the ICS’s International Stratigraphic Chart. This colour scheme is in turn based on the International Geological Map of the World. The ICS offers both the “official” CMYK and the corresponding RGB colour codes for […]

Cattle like hydrogeology too

Brian's Friday Field Foto clearly shows sheep's interest in Paleogene geology. Some years ago I learned that cattle (at least in Northern Thailand) are also quite curious about the earth sciences – hydrogeology in this case.

Geological Time-Arm

Some time ago Callan Bentley collected a few nice geological analogies. I instantly liked one of those, found in the comments: earth history as a human arm.

Where on Google Earth #143

In what might be one of the hardest (at least longest-unsolved) WoGE puzzles, Péter has given a nice insight into Precambrian/Proterozoic parts of the South American Platform. This made me realise that I know embarassingly little about that continent – basically nothing except the Andes. Hopefully people didn't completely give up on WoGE after that […]

Mineral Top 5

Callan Bentley asks what are the five most important minerals one should know about, and why – “if you had to introduce a non-geologist to just five of the earth's multitudinous building blocks, which ones would you choose to share?” Here's my list.

Where on Google Earth #141

Ron Schott's WoGE had a nice drainage pattern in the Atacama Desert. But now for something completely different:

Where on Google Earth #135

One more cycle of back-and-forth between Péter and me. After his nice patterns of the meanders of the Paraná river and my rather poor explanation thereof, it's time for a trip to the sea:

Where on Google Earth #133

After the beautiful but hard to find WoGE 132 by Péter Luffi, I have one that might be a bit simpler. I guess so at least.

The mural mosaic in the Alfred-Bentz-Haus, Hannover

This is my contribution to this month's Accrectionary Wedge Carnival “Aesthetic Geology”, which is hosted by Geological Musings in the Taconic Mountains. The Lost Geologist beat me to exploiting our field trip about Dimension and Ornamental stones in Berlin, so I had to come up with something else:

Where on Google Earth #131

It seems that WoGE wants to oscillate between the Lost Geologist and me. I hope this is unsedimentary enough for him:

Where on Google Earth #129

To the Lost Geologist's surprise, I rather quickly found his WoGE 128. Admittedly, due to a bit of luck and being inspired by travelling through the Harz just some days earlier… For today's WoGE, I tried to find something less German, and after some zooming around I came across this nice-looking feature (part of which seems […]

Pangea Day – Geology Style

Chris from Good Schist had a nice idea: locate where you (or, more precisely, your bedrock) would have been when the Pangea supercontinent broke up in the late Triassic, 220 million years ago. Locating southeastern Brandenburg proved a bit difficult, as the late (German) Triassic (“Keuper”) had been a time with varying sedimentation patterns, but […]

Where on (Google) Earth #95

pl solved Where on (Google) Earth #94. He does not have his own Blog, so he asked me to host an image for him on my site.